Do you think it is a GOOD time to BUY??? Why??? or Why not??

Five-plus years ago, it was the prime time to approach real estate as a financial short term investment. Now is the time, as it traditionally has been, to buy a home because one wants a solid investment for the future.

It’s important to understand that investing in a home is much different than investing in stocks and bonds. The reality is, the long term values of homeownership far outweigh the daily up and down cycles of the financial markets. With proper planning, a home purchase has historically proven to be one of the strongest investments one can make.

Of course building equity plays an important role in ones decision to purchase a home, but essentially, a home is much more than just a piece of the financial game, it’s an opportunity to obtain the American dream.

Lifestyle changes such as marriage, having children, starting a new job or relocating are some of the most common reasons that people decide to purchase a new home. Fundamentally, a home is a source of pride, and a place to call one’s own, and for many, the silver lining in life.

Today’s consumers shouldn’t be fearful of investing in real estate. Interest rates remain incredibly low, homes are the most affordable than they ever have been, and financing is still available for qualified buyers. Additionally, homeownership could be a much better alternative to renting as apartment rentals skyrocket in many regions across the country.

Market conditions, financing, price range, and inventory can all play a part in the home buying process and these elements can vary from region to region and community to community.

If you want to own a home, but are questioning if now is the right time to purchase, or if you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact ME, a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage sales professional. I can explain the home buying and selling process, the benefits of homeownership, and can guide you through each step.



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