Ravens Performance?

Which do you think are the real 2011 Ravens: the ones who played week one, or the team that lost to the Titans?

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I think the answer lies somewhere in between.The team probably spent much of training camp getting ready for Pittsburg and it paid off.On the other hand,I think they went into Tenn.thinking they couldn’t be defeated.Hopefully,a lesson has been learned and the real Ravens team will emerge in St Louis.Im thinking 13-3 in 2011. — Stan

After one lost I think its to early to tell. Let’s see how or if the rebound next week. We must remember they had games like this last year and still finished at 12 – 4 and made it to the playoffs. — James, Owings Mills

 The losers – GO REDSKINS!!! — Jerry

winning last weeks game against the Steelers was like the video with the people lifting the car off the man under it. you get super human strength when you want to do something bad enough. last week was the ravens super human strength! unfortunately, they didn’t want it bad enough with Tennessee. the game was ‘lack luster’ at best. they have to want it as bad as week 1 to stay in the games barbara middleriver

I am afraid yesterday’s team is what we are but I hope I am wrong!!!l Let’s not give up!! — June from the OC beach

A little bit of both. The Ravens aren’t as good as most of us would like to believe. Time will be the judge!-KL

The Steelers played so bad in week one that they made the ravens look better than they really are. The real ravens AND Steelers played yesterday. — Marianne, Severn, MD


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